Bound for Life
Copyright 2001-2002 by
Chris Schuijff

Cania the eight layer of Baator ruled by the archduke Mephistopheles it is a unforgiving layer, where the agonizing cold has been seeped in the evil taint of the plain, even the Baatezu prefer not to travel trough this layer. Yet there are always some that go where others prefer to stay away.

Twelve reptilian creatures stood in front of the dog like creature that lied dead on the cold frozen ground.

“A Glabrezu how did that chaos-mongrel get here!” The largest of the twelve hissed out from between the teeth of its deformed jaw. One of the other reptilian beasts stepped forward, took a look at the Glabrezu, whipped the corpse with it’s long and slender tail before turning it’s attention to the larger reptile. “We had received information that there recently passed a unusually tall Drow, but he had…. Permission.” At this the larger reptilian turned its attention to the smaller one and with the speed of a snake grabbed it by the throat pulling it to him. “Permission? A chaos beast with permission to travel trough our realm, to bring the filthy disease of entropy into our empire!? And tell me Jexxtrwels how did you know this, whereas I have heard nothing of this hmmm, and tell who would give a chaos beast permission to travel trough here!?” The larger reptile shouted out as its body rapidly begins to heat up due to its rage.

“I heard… it from a Tiefling that had been spying, he… claimed that lord Mephistopheles personally … allowed the Drow to travel trough our this layer.” The smaller reptilian choked out, as its throat was being squeezed harder and harder.

The larger reptilian simply stared at the smaller creature in its hand before turning it’s deformed head to one of the other reptilians. “Rattmkla you are now the second in command the group.” The creature said as it crushed Jexxtrwel’s throat.

“Yes commander, what is your first order?” The addressed reptilian replied, showing no concern for its predecessor.

The large reptilian looked at the corpse in its massive claw for a short time before turning its attention back to the other of the group. “There seems to be a Drow in this layer, we have received no orders concerning what to do with it, therefore it is an intruder and must be exterminated… unless you happen to have received information about the chaos beast that I had not received?” The large reptile asked as it dropped the corpse in its claw on top of the Glabrezu.

Rattmkla looked at the dead reptile lying ontop of the Glabrezu before replying. “No commander I have heard nothing about this intruder, I and my underlings will seek out this chaos beast and kill it”

As Rattmkla and four other of the reptile creatures moved away, the deformed commander wondered why a mere Drow would be given permission to travel trough this layer by one of the lords of the eight.

Authored by: Ken Lipka
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