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Fire and Dust Title: Fire and Dust
PDF Version
Paperback PDF Version (designed to be printed prior to reading)
Author: James Gardner
Summary: Someone is blowing up the headquarters of factions in Sigil. As part of a multi-faction team, Britlin Cavendish (artist, swordsman, and Sensate) gets drafted to stake out the Mortuary and keep an eye out for trouble. One fire bomb later, Britlin and his companions are fighting wights that don't obey the Death Pact, on a trail that leads from the Plane of Dust to Carceri, Plague-Mort, and many strange places in between.

Click here to see Jim's thoughts on possible sequels to this novel.

Special Thanks go to Feniks for the PDF versions.

The Plane Truth Title: The Plane Truth
Author: David "Zeb" Cook
Summary: This is a PDF file which is contains all three parts of a series of short promotional stories for the Planescape setting. These stories are written by the setting's lead designer, and originally appeared in DRAGON Magazine issues #203-205. They also contain some "lost and forgotten" Tony DiTerlizzi and Dana Knutson artwork. (This file was created by using material contained within the DRAGON Magazine Archive CD-ROM. It is copyright TSR/WotC.)

Tide of Darkness Title: Tide of Darkness
Author: Daniel Brough
Summary: There are worse things than death. And some of them lie in wait for unwary primes. Gwydion, a paladin (and a clueless prime) has been called on a divine mission to retrieve the Icon, an artifact with the power to unlock an unimaginable evil. He has been sent, alone and unprepared, into the planes. Together with an unlikely band of heroes, he must face the overwhelming forces of darkness.

Tumult Title: Tumult
Author: Brannon Hollingsworth
Summary: Tumult is the beginning of a short story that is still in work. It begins with the arrival of two primes, as green as a slaad's warts, in Sigil. As only the Clueless can, they quickly find trouble, in more ways than one; before they know what has happened, they find themselves thrust across the infinite planes in a conflict that they can barely comprehend, much less make sense of... Hey! it ain't called Tumult fer nothin', berk!

Planewalker Title: Planewalker
Author: Mark Roberts
Summary: This is the continuing story of the mysterious Planewalker and Warrior, Bane. Both his past and his future are unknown - heck, his present ain't too clear, either! (Editor's Note: This story takes some careful reading as each chapter is written from the point of view of a different character.)

The Temple of Swords Title: The Temple of Swords
Author: Kevin Emmons
Summary: Raecci, an Athasian psionicist, is trapped in Sigil. While searching for a means to return to his home world, he is approached by a warrior named Thelon in an offer for mercenary work that entailed something called the Temple of Swords. Thelon, in turn, is working for another warrior, and air genasai named Monesa. Monesa's pay comes directly from the infamous Shumeska, who's schemes and debacles are known across the Cage and even beyond. When the group begins to discover the nature of the temple, however, things heat up. Their first indication that they've stepped in over their heads comes when they're attacked by a band of githyanki assassins.
Silverstorm Title: Silverstorm
Author: Quinn Vitulli
Summary: This story follows the exploits of Cinder Ebondorne, a half-elf agent in service to the baatezu. It tells of high-level rivalry between the fiendish forces of Law and Chaos.

Niles and the Minton Bird Title: Niles and the Minton Bird
Author: Daniel Brough
Summary: Hilary Woodshem, trying to do a good turn for his old school chum Clifton Hedley, has been landed straight in the fish (as usual). Now it's up to his faithful servant Niles to save the day in this comedic short story.

The Uprising Title: The Uprising
Author: Joshua Hendrickson
Summary: Everyone in Sigil hates the Harmonium. Well, now that the factol has been murdered, it's time for a change. Too bad everyone's going to be wishing for the good old days...

A Night at Quake's Place Title: A Night at Quake's Place
Author: The Planescape Chain Story Group (Editor - Ken Lipka)
Summary: This is the first chain story that the PSCS group wrote. It was written primarily to get a feel for how the entire process would work. As such, it was decided that a rather "silly" subject matter would be chosen so that the pressure to contribute was minimized and the focus would be on HOW the thing was written rather than WHAT was written. As such, we have a story that not only helped develop the PSCS writing rules, but also ended up breaking a few rules of the setting and writing stories in general. Anyway, the story is about what could be typical night at a Xaositect-owned tavern, Quake Lavender's Place. (Editor's Note: This story is unfinished. We abandoned the project when we started work on our first "serious" project. See next entry.)

War Journal Title: War Journal
Author: The Planescape Chain Story Group (Editor - Ken Lipka)
Summary: This is the second project of the PSCS group. The story is written as a chronicle of events which describe what happens when the City of Doors comes under seige by the combined forces of the Fiends and their mysterious allies. Will our heroes be able to figure out what's going on, let alone stop the sinister plan? (Editor's Note: And the answer is, "no". If you've been paying attention, you'll see that this story has been stalled out for about a year and a half. So, unfortunately the great experiment that was PSCS has ended. If I ever find a lot of free time [yeah, right] I might go about finishing this thing on my own.)

The Eternal Ring Title: The Eternal Ring
Author: Ross McKinnon
Summary: A little knowledge can be dangerous. Asuric was just trying to get by in the Outer Planes. Abandoned by his mother and father, he made a living by "liberating" anceint texts and reselling them to the highest bidder. He thought he had learned the way things worked. Then something stole the soul of a very personal friend. Suddenly, he found himself in a race with Evil for a power that would put the Gods to shame. And everyone in the Multiverse was counting on him. Asuric's about to find out that on the Outer Planes, nothing is as it seems. And being a hero is the most dangerous thing of all...

The Eternal Ring Title: Two Masters
Author: Aaron Infante-Levy
Summary: A short story about a recovering ascetic's journey through the Court of Light. A different feel than the much vaunted Fire and Dust, but still just as true to the setting.

Avenging Angel Title: Avenging Angel
Author: Daniel Brough
Summary: This story took First Place in the "After the War" contest. The point of the contest was to create material that directly related to the events outlined in the old 2E module Faction War. In this story, a faerie lord returns to Sigil after a long absence and discovers the new face of the City of Doors.

Legend's Wake Title: Legend's Wake
[Posted: 01/02/2002]
Author: Simson Leigh
Summary: A developing short story that first appeared on the Planescape Mailing List.

Vrock / Paladin Title: Vrock / Paladin
[Posted: 03/19/2002]
Author: RJK
Summary: A short story that also serves as the background for a character in somebody's Planescape campaign. It's a good illustration of how the mighty can fall, and then rise again.

Bound for Life Title: Bound for Life
[Posted: 03/19/2002]
Author: Chris Schuijff
Summary: The prologue for a developing story.

Mercer's Mission Title: Mercer's Mission
[Posted: 09/24/2002]
Author: Daniel
Summary: A short story about a mercenary captain named Mercer Blackheart and his quest for revenge.

Color Outside the Lines Title: Color Outside the Lines
[Posted: 09/24/2002]
Author: David J. Blake
Summary: Go along for the ride in a day in the life of Harmonium factioneer Notary Four Ryan Wells.

The Hive Title: The Hive
[Posted: 05/19/2004]
Author: David Mitchell
Summary: A short story revolving around Valese, a Xaositect and tiefling.

The Stains of Dark Waters Title: The Stains of Dark Waters
[Posted: 05/19/2004]
Author: Edward Lockhart
Summary: A short story (more of a literary sketch, actually) concerning one planetouched's reason for visiting the Cage.

Authored by: Ken Lipka
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